Science with Dr Jonathan Hare

Dates and times

This online course consists of 4 sessions: 4-5pm on Thursdays 22nd, 29th April, 6th, 13th May 2021. 


£49.99 for the full course (£41.66 + VAT). Please note this course requires a minimum number of bookings in order to run. 

Course details

 Age recommendation 10-13s. Please note this course has run before so may not be suitable for those who have already done a series with Jonathan. 

Session 1 - Parabolic Solar Heaters

We explore the science and mathematics of the parabola that will enable us to design our own solar heater providing us with free energy from the Sun. We will also show clips from the BBC Rough Science TV series where Jonathan built a solar furnace on location in the Caribbean. This week’s clip can be found at:  Don’t forget to make a note of things that you found interesting (PMI – plus points, minus points and interesting points) and any other questions to discuss in the workshop. 

Session 2 - Euler’s Laws and the Platonic Solids 

This session requires the participant to download five nets to be printed, cut-out and glued to form the five platonic solids (print each out as big as possible on to the A4 sheet). 

Session 3 - Solar Balloon 

Here we investigate how to make our very own hot air balloon that will work on solar heating rather than by burning gas heating the air by some other method. Using cheap bin-liners & Sellotape, we will design a large Dodecahedron shaped balloon to take to an open space and rise on a string … 

This session requires the participant to watch a video prior to the workshop and bring along questions and queries (on the contents or beyond) to put to Jonathan for investigation in the session. This week’s clip can be found at: 

Session 4 - The Discovery of C60, Buckminsterfullerene 

Learn all about the amazing Nobel Prize winning football shaped C60 molecule and construct a molecular model for yourself. This workshop deals with the discovery, structure and properties of C60, Buckminsterfullerene (work which lead to the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry). C60 is the head of a family of amazing carbon structures – the fullerenes. Jonathan Hare was part of the pioneering Sussex team that developed ways of making the Fullerenes. The workshop takes us from the tiny world of atoms to the vast world of astronomy. We shall also explore some maths connecting the symmetrical objects that we come across along the way. 

Course leader

 This session will be led by research scientist Dr Jonathan Hare. He was one of the first people to make and extract C60 Buckminsterfullerene, the football shaped molecule, and was one of the presenters on the BBC Rough Science series. 



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Online Workshop Checklist

• The series will be delivered via Zoom. You do not need to create an account on Zoom. Instead, a participating hyperlink and meeting ID will be shared with you at time of booking. You can copy the hyperlink into your address bar or, if using an App, use the ID to join the meeting.

• Please arrive on time for the workshop. All sessions have a virtual waiting room in which you can wait. Late arrivals may not be spotted by the provider. If you know that you are going to be late, please inform the provider (via Potential Plus UK if necessary) so they can watch out for you in the waiting room. When arriving late, or needing to leave early, please just do so quietly and without fuss, leaving a message on Chat if you like.

• Please display the child's first name (and perhaps initial of surname) on your Zoom screen - you do this by going to 'Participants', selecting your name and More and then you will have an option to Rename. This is important for registration and safeguarding reasons and so that the course leader can communicate with your child more effectively.

• The child (participant) should be in a room with an open door and parents/guardians must ensure that a trusted adult shall be on the same premises while the workshop takes place. If the leader has any concerns that this is not the case, they will ask the participant to leave the workshop.

• Parents can be present in the room for the workshop, but they should allow their child to be the participant and keep intervention to a minimum. The parent should not correspond with other participants but simply be there to support their child with practicalities (and for moral support in those less confident with this way of working). Adults must stay off screen except for brief moments of technical support when necessary.

• Do not use virtual backgrounds. These cause ‘flashing’ for other participants and hide a background and possible observers which contravenes our safeguarding policy.

• Participants are expected to dress appropriately, as if you were meeting in person. If there is inappropriate attire, the leader will ask the participant to rectify this or the participant will be asked to leave the workshop. No pyjamas please!

• Participants are expected to behave with consideration and respect for others. Any deliberate disruptions may result in the participant being asked to leave the workshop.

• Participants need to be able to sit close to the screen and limit movements to those required to participate in the activities. Lots of movement causes immense distraction for others, far more than in a real-life classroom environment. The child must be able to sit still like this for the duration of the session (excluding toilet breaks and any other necessary fetching of assistance of course!). Participants are expected to give the workshop and their workshop provider their full attention. Please do not be seen on screen reading a book or playing with a toy. If a fidget toy is needed, this should be kept off screen.

• Please do not eat on screen during the session.

• If correspondence outside the online workshop is required (submission of things produced, for example), this should be done via a parent and their email (or other) account and never directly with the child.

• Remain on mute unless directed by your workshop leader to come off mute. Background noise is extremely distracting and often distressing for other participants.


Further Advice

• Log into your workshop from a distraction-free, quiet environment. It is extremely distracting for others if we can see lots of other things happening in the background of your screen.

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• Close unneeded applications on your computer to optimize the video quality.

• Make sure your video is on (if you have camera capabilities) so your teacher and peers can see you. If you feel too uncomfortable to do this, inform Potential Plus UK or your course leader in advance of the session.

• Remember to sign out or “leave the meeting” when the session is finished. Parents may need to intervene at this point, but please leave the meeting as soon as possible once directed.